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Skin cancers can be life threatening but are fortunately one of the easiest to catch early.


If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, your doctor may recommend surgical removal of the affected tissue in order to prevent spread of the disease. Depending on the type of cancer and the size of the lesion, the removal of skin cancer may require reconstructive surgery.


Patients who have had or are planning to have Mohs surgery often consult with plastic surgeons regarding their options for repair and treatment of the Mohs defect.  


What is Mohs Surgery?  It is surgical technique performed by a dermatologist that systematically removes layers of skin that are known to be cancerous. Each layer is systematically examined and removed until only cancer free tissue remains. 


Reconstructive surgeons work to replace tissue and minimize scarring. Bel Air Center surgeons are expertly trained to work with a variety of tissue transplantation and reconstruction methods. 

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