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Bel Air Center for Hand Surgery’s top priority is to get you back to doing what you love as soon as possible.  Our Board Certified Surgeons and comprehensive care team focus on restoring function, promoting healing, and partnering with you to achieve your goals.  Located in Harford County, Maryland, our center brings the expertise and knowledge from world-renowned institutions to your door step.

The hand is a complex instrument.  Hand injury may affect an intricate network of:  bones, nerves, blood vessels, tendons, skin, and/or ligaments.  Hand and wrist surgery is a very specific field of medicine that requires expert training.  Microsurgical, reconstructive, and specialized hand training come together to diagnose and treat complex problems of the upper extremity.


Diagnosis of your hand injury requires thorough examination and specialized testing.  Your treatment may involve non-surgical and/or surgical repair to restore motion, function, strength, and sensation to your hands.  At Bel Air Center for Hand Surgery our approach is comprehensive.  From reconstructive and emergency hand surgery procedures to common problems of the hand, our team will see you through the process of diagnosis, treatment, therapy and return to daily activities.

Why Bel Air Center?

Why travel when you have access to highly trained surgeons in your neighborhood?  At Bel Air Center for Plastic and Hand, our surgeons have the depth of experience and skills necessary to help you decide your treatment options.  It is important to our entire team that you have a positive experience with your care.  We are here for you.

Common Hand Conditions


Common Hand Conditions

Common Hand Conditions

Common Hand Conditions

Common Hand Conditions

Common Hand Conditions

Common Hand Conditions



Get back to doing what you love with our trusted team of surgeons and occupational therapists.


Keep your hands healthy and happy using these tips from our team of hand specialists. 


Injuries and Trauma

Common Hand Conditions

Common Hand Conditions

Common Hand Conditions

Your hands are our priority.

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The staff at Bel Air Center for Plastic and Hand are always happy to address any of your questions.  We understand that every patient is unique, and specifically aim to cater our care to reflect our patients' needs.  



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